Climate-Controlled Storage in Omaha, Nebraska

Our units are clean. The property itself is very organized, with perfectly parallel buildings that have extra space between each other for easy access. No matter which unit type or size you end up choosing, your rental will always come with security features such as gated access and digital video surveillance.

Conveniently Located

If you want to truly provide your stored items with the best in terms of security, check out our interior units with climate-controlled storage – conveniently located at 9930 N 45 Ct., Omaha, NE 68152.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Did you know that climate control is not only useful in things such as maintaining the desired temperature within your car’s cabin, but also essential while storing certain items? Whether you are planning to move to the Omaha area or need to store the entire contents of a room in your house, our climate controlled units will make solving your storage needs easy!

Climate controlled storage is recommended if you live in an area with extreme temperatures and are storing things that are sensitive, such as books, photos, clothing, documents, and any valuable items. High temperature and humidity levels can damage wood furniture by causing it to crack or split, for instance. To avoid any unnecessary harm to your possessions during your next renting experience, why not try what ambitious renters go for when looking for the best in terms of self-storage security?


No matter your goals when it comes to storage, you must think about the future of your belongings when it’s finally time to retrieve them. Even though moving is a stressful time, you will get to see how flexible we are in the matter of not adding any stress on top of your move.

Finding a convenient space to store your stuff is not always easy, which is why Ponca Storage is conveniently located off I-680 in Omaha, NE. Contact us and let us know how we can help you. All your questions will be answered, and our team will work with you to help find a solution that fits your needs.